Intermediate (Lanark Highlands Ball)


Registration: Registration is open


Age: 11 - 13 years old, September 2011 – August 31, 2013

Program:INTERMEDIATE is for youth baseball players who are ready to play

competitive games and able to travel outside our local leagues.

– batting - player pitch, base running, throwing and catching.

Mastery of Team Pitchers and Catchers to engage in competitive game play.

Team work, focus and strong game play are vital!

Players must have effective playing skills and play as a Team and still have FUN!

This is a competitive House League Program, where the players practice

together and play Interleague Games within and outside our District 8. Potential travel

to Perth, Carleton Place, our District 8 (Renfrew, Pembroke), District 2 and 6.

If successful, games will be scheduled in advance. We will work on transportation.

Tournament play is a must do in 2024. Travel is involved.

There will be call ups from Minor and Major and player evaluations with Try outs!

This will enable us to form our All Star Team that will represent our Little League

In “Out of House” games and tournaments.

We may host some double header games on weekends to develop our Team further.



Schedule: Tentative Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays – not confirmed – will travel to play games

Location: Home Fields are:Lanark Village Clyde Park and/or Vincent Hall Memorial Park, McDonalds Corners

Fee: $200.00

Equipment: Included in fee: Ball cap, Loaned Uniform Shirt


Equipment required: Baseball glove, helmet, plastic cleats recommended, Ball pants to

compliment uniformed shirt.


Contact:[email protected]